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10 Simple Ways to Make Your House a Home


Whether you have recently moved into a new house or don't feel at home in your current house, you can always make your house feel homier by following these 10 simple steps.  

1. Fill Your Home with a Perfect Selection of Decorations

Artwork and plants can give your house a pop of colour.

Your house will feel like it's had years' worth of investment in decorations.  

2. When Given the Opportunity, Declutter Your Home

Having a small basket in which you can put items that you don't have time to put away can be a game-changer.

After a day/week, sort through the basket and put the things in their relevant places.  

3. A House isn't a Home Without Your Favourite People  

When you can, invite over your friends/family.

This will make your home feel like a social place, increasing your serotonin levels.  

4. Smell Can Make or Break Your Home

Make your house smell like a home by placing air fresheners and candles in as many rooms as you can.

Foul odours can make you want to be in your home as little as possible.

This can lead to you losing interest in maintaining your home.  

5. A Warm Cosy Fireplace Can Add Both Light and Warmth to Your Home  

If you own a fireplace, make the absolute most of it. If not, put a fake one on your tv.

This will make your house feel cosier and warmer.  

6. Mood Lighting 

Have a couple of lamps turned on in each room with the leading light turned off.

This will make your living space feel cosy.

A cosier home will make you want to be there more often.  

7. Carpets or Hardwood Floors?  

Carpeting helps to keep your home well insulated; this will keep your home warm without having to spend lots of money.

Carpeting also reduces sound from inside and outside of your home, maintaining the outside hustle.  

8. Heating During the Colder Months is Crucial

If your house is constantly cold, you will want to stay in your bed for extended amounts of time.

This will make you less productive throughout the day.

Waking up in a cold room can also give you a negative mindset for the rest of the day.  

9. Play Your Favourite Music or Movie

Having background noise is essential because it makes it feel like you aren't home alone.

This will make you feel happier in your house, which will lead to you wanting to be there more often.  

10. Throw Blankets  

Throw blankets are essential because they give your home character and comfort.

They can also make a dull, empty space feel well decorated.  


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